The Key Is To Start Saving & Investing Immediately


A little Advice On Saving & Investing

The Importance of Saving & Investing is to provide freedom. Saving is extremely important because we do not know what will happen in the future, money should be saved to pay for unexpected events or emergencies. Savings helps an individual or family become financially secure. If you’re unable to save any money for major purchases and investments, this is a sign that you are living above your means which calls for major temporary adjustments within your lifestyle. While saving we can not forget the importance of investing. Investing should be an on going process which is highly recommended to invest long term. When investing long term, you will experience a stock market dip(bear market) which can be a good buying opportunity for steady investors who want to add to your portfolio. Each investor should have a strategy of buying a mix of stocks and bonds. Stay focus on your goals and don’t let current headlines throw you off track as you allocate your funds. The key is to STAY THE COURSE. I provided a few tips for saving and investing:

-Pay yourself first & Save for emergencies

- Spend less, save & invest more

- Try to reduce one spending habit that is discretionary.

- Get creative by making supplemental money by baby sitting, selling items on the internet etc..etc..etc...

- Allocate your Portfolio 

Some investments are relatively tame on the risk-reward scale while others are wilder on the scale. It is advised that younger people should invest more aggressively while older people should be more conservative. Research before investing or obtain a financial advisors. The goal should be to diversify without making your portfolio too complicated or too narrow.

Know your investment costs. Whether you’re talking about stocks and bonds, mutual funds, broker commissions or 401(k) retirement plan management fees, virtually all investments involve costs that investors should understand

Find an investment plan and stick to it. Always remember to review your investment strategy once or twice a year

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