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Your Credit Is Important

 Today’s economy runs on credit. If you want to get a mortgage for a house or a student loan to pay for college, or if you just want to purchase groceries for your family on a credit, a company is extending credit to you. A good credit score is important for anyone to have. Building a solid credit history and maintaining a high credit score can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life now and in the future when you're considering applying for a loan or even a prepaid debit card. You might think bad credit only keeps you from getting a credit card or loan, but it goes further than that. Bad credit can leave you homeless, carless, and jobless. 

Loans are a necessary part of life for most of us.  Your credit history determines what loans you will qualify for and the interest rate you will pay. Lenders get your credit history by obtaining your credit score. You'll most likely need to borrow funds from a lender. This is why credit is such an important component to the home buying process. Your creditworthiness is defined by your three digit credit score and is the key to your financial well being. Good credit can be the make or break detail that determines whether you’ll get a home loan, car loan or student loan.  Bad credit will make it more difficult for you to get a credit card as well as loan with a low interest rate and it will make it more expensive to borrow money for any purpose. With that being said, it is extremely important to monitor your credit... For personal loans bad credit loans- see below offers

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A Few Pointers About Debt


It is always a great idea to get control of your debt.  Debt can feel like an extremely bad dream that you can not wake up from. If you do not gain control of your debt then your debt with consume you. Here are a few pointers to obtaining control of your debt:

1. Aim to pay off debt using incoming cash flow, not savings. 

2.  Make all minimum payments on time.  Always avoid being late

3. Pay down debts with the highest interest rate first.

4. Save money by paying off your credit card in full each month.

5.  Evaluate paying off low-interest debt versus saving or investing more.

If your debt keeps you up at night, it’s likely causing you a lot of extra stress as well. But once you make paying off debt a priority, it can often be easier than you think. The key is persistence and with the right plan of action as well as the right mindset , you’ll start to see results in no time.

Plan and Execute 

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This video was created to improve your credit score.  Be aware of any advice that claims to improve your credit score fast. The best advice for rebuilding credit is to manage it responsibly over time.